How Adminix helps real estate companies

Improve communication with clients by automating your daily research process and reducing the paperwork


Today, real estate research involves lots of manual human work searching for a proper match. This process makes companies invest considerable investments into scrapper automation or hiring more personnel. Also, real estate companies usually have a lot of paperwork, which is time-consuming and causes a high risk of human mistakes with repeatable readjustments of documents.

And at the same time, communication with clients involves much information gathering and leads to other challenges. For example, the client must provide an agent with its documents, answer many questions, and sign a set of documents. This process may be very stressful and annoying for the client.


Adminix helps real estate companies automate communication channels and the process of information collection. We provide different technics for that, including automated chatbots, mail correspondence automation, and document signature-gathering automation.

Our solution is designed to help companies automate their document flow by allowing them to generate documents based on the pre-defined templates and automatically deliver them to the clients.

Also, Adminix helps companies find needed real estate positions by building automated bots to scrape websites based on pre-defined rules.


Going digital for real estate companies allows them to decrease the human factor and spend less time on communication and paperwork. As a result, it saves money and time by speeding up real estate processes, reduces the need for IT support, and increases client satisfaction.