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Building a bridge between business people and developer tools for a better workflow processes


Our product


Adminix is a cloud workflow automation software designed to help companies with a digital transformation of their business processes using serverless technology. 

We provide an affordable enterprise-grade solution that doesn't have a vendor-lock and presents a low-code way to create automated processes using Adminix UI and deploy them on popular cloud platforms like MS Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. 

Our solution dramatically reduces costs on server infrastructure and DevOps and expenses on high-level developers.

Our Features

Vendor lock-free

All serverless automations work inside your cloud account. You can store and own your data, and your IT team can customize any part of it.


Adminix is designed as a business-first solution, so it's simple to use for business people as well as for citizen developers.


Start spending less money on servers and DevOps by using serverless capabilities of the modern clouds with Adminix.

Embedded process designer

Make Adminix a part of your software by embedding its workflow editor capabilities right inside your application.

Pre-set workflow automations

We want to make business processes' automations easier by using our pre-defined serverless functions for your workflow.

Advanced API

Adminix could be integrated into any existing business IT infrustructure.

Why Adminix



No need to manage infrastructure

Subscription plan can be costly with high loads

Software usually has limited functionality

​No access to a source-code

Data doesn't belong to company

It mostly used with simple workflow processes

Developer unfriendly

Open Source BPM 

The code is open and can be modified

​IT department is more flexible in development

Change requests may take much time

Expensive developers are required

The cost of ownership may be very high

Extra costs on servers and cybersecurity

The software may become outdated

Not designed for citizen developers


Benefit from autoscaling using serverless

Save 40-60% on infrastructure cost compared to Open Source

No vendor lock-in

Lower TCO when compared to both SaaS and Open Source

Pay per process - stop overpaying for infrastructure using serverless

You spend less time on architecting and orchestrating infrastructure

Use existing cloud services inside your workflows

No need to hire expensive DevOps specialists

Use the multi-cloud feature to have capabilities of them all

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