Embed Adminix workflow designer

Enhance your product with workflow automation capabilities

How to embed Adminix

Embedding Adminix consists of three simple steps

Render Adminix designer

Generate Adminix designer link and render it inside the iframe of your app

Configure required processes

Setup all required automation processes your users are going to work with

Start designing workflows

Start using embedded Adminix editor inside your application


Do I need to host my instance of Adminix?

No, you don't. Adminix is entirely cloud-based.

Do you offer Adminix support for an embedded solution?

Yes, we provide a dedicated support team for clients who choose our enterprise plan.

What is the price of the embeddable solution?

This price is calculated individually based on your software requirements. The price starts at $40000 / year. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

Can you help embed Adminix?

Our support team will be happy to help you embed Adminix into your product. We currently work with node.js, ruby, python, elixir, and PHP programming languages. If you need help with different technology, we can connect you with our technical partners.

Have any questions?

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