HR automation with Adminix

Optimize your routine HR processes by implementing workflow automation and recruit talents more effectively


Human resource companies and departments spend a lot of time and money daily searching for good candidacies. In most cases, HR researchers do initial manual research and analysis of talents. Also, this process involves a human factor and miscommunications because of the massive number of data they work with daily.

Unfortunately, this process involves human mistakes because the researcher must manually find, read and save specialist profiles. There are not too many initial research automation tools on the market.


Adminix enables HR businesses to create workflows to parse and analyze talent profiles for candidacy. As a result, it decreases initial research time and reduces a human factor, leading to fewer mistakes. Our workflow editor helps to build candidacy approval rules, and our API processes synchronize profiles' information with the client's HR systems.

Also, Adminix helps HR companies improve communication using traditional email and SMS and automated chatbots based on Whatsup, Signal, Telegram, etc.


Going digital for HR companies allows them to decrease the human factor and spend less time on communication and paperwork. As a result, it saves money and time by speeding up routine HR processes, reduces the need for IT support, and increases client satisfaction.