Automate Insurance processes with Adminix

Fulfill your customers' needs by bringing automation to your insurance processes while remaining compliant


The insurance industry is now experiencing a digital transformation. Today governments are going digital and allow companies to use their APIs to automate interactions with their services. But many insurance companies are still doing their paperwork manually or half manually. As a result, automated processes become necessary selling points for their customers.

Also, there is another challenge with communication channels. In many cases, agents still use classic phone calls and emails to communicate with their clients, which is not in line with the current trends and slows the communication process.


Adminix software allows users quickly build API connections to 3rd party API services in a no-code way and synchronize data with business databases.

Also, Adminix automates document flow by enabling businesses to generate, validate, store and send necessary insurance documentation via the document generator process, which allows building document templates in a low-code way.

In addition, the email & SMS communication process gives insurance companies a fast and precise communication channel.

Adminix also helps insurance companies build communication channels using automated chatbots based on Whatsup, Signal, Telegram, etc.


Going digital for insurance companies allows them to decrease the human factor and spend less time on communication and paperwork. As a result, it saves money and time by speeding up insurance processes, reduces the need for IT support, and increases client satisfaction.