How Adminix helps hospitals

Create automated workflows to manage patient records, appointment scheduling and improve communication with patients


Hospital in Germany faced the challenge of complying with local regulations and insurance policies, which mandate the annual collection of patient feedback. Traditionally, this task involves outsourcing to companies that manually communicate with patients via email or phone to gather their feedback regarding the hospital's services. This process not only incurs costs ranging from $5 to $10 per patient, but also consumes a considerable amount of time, lasting from 2 to 5 weeks.


To address this issue, we proposed a streamlined solution: the implementation of a voice bot empowered by generative AI in Adminix. This AI-driven bot is designed to mimic real human interactions, facilitating the collection of essential data. In cases where language barriers or accents present challenges, the bot is intelligent enough to seamlessly redirect the interaction to a human call center agent. While the bot excels in English-speaking contexts, it also exhibits a functional understanding of the German language. Once all the necessary data is successfully collected, the bot autonomously submits this data to the hospital's CRM system for further processing.


By embracing Adminix, this hospital significantly enhanced the efficiency of their patient feedback collection process. The introduction of the AI-driven voice bot substantially reduced costs associated with manual outreach (about 200k euros a year), minimized the time required for data gathering, and ensured a seamless experience for both English and German- speaking patients. This results in a more cost-effective, expedited, and customer-centric approach to compliance with regulatory requirements, ultimately improving the overall operational efficiency of the hospital.