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Building a bridge between business people and developer tools for a better workflow processes

Our Features

Start working with Adminix and get everything you need to automate your routine business processes


Adminix is designed as a business-first solution, so it's simple to use for business people as well as for citizen developers.


Spend less money on servers and DevOps by using serverless capabilities of the modern clouds with Adminix.

Embeddable workflow editor

Make Adminix a part of your software by embedding our workflow editor capabilities right inside your application.

Pre-set workflow automations

We want to make business processes' automations easier by providing our pre-defined serverless functions for your workflow.

You own your data

We don't store your data on our servers. Therefore, you have complete control over your data.

Advanced API

Adminix could be integrated into any existing business IT infrustructure using our modern REST and GraphQL APIs.

How Adminix works

Creating automation with Adminix consists of three simple steps

Design workflow

Design workflow using Adminix low-code editor

Setup trigger

Setup triggers using Zapier, Make or Adminix triggers

Deploy automation

Deploy it to the cloud

Discover what you can do with Adminix

See how you can create, deploy and monitor automations using our solution

Advantages of Adminix &
Workflow automation

Adminix is an automation platform designed to build low-code processes and deploy them as serverless logic to the client’s cloud.

All serverless automations created with Adminix require no servers, are auto-scalable out of the box, and can easily be customized by the developer.

This approach allows non-technical people and developers to work alongside, spend less time on process automation and cut server costs thanks to serverless technology.

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