The AWS platform is a favorite cloud platform of many developers. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine hosting the web application somewhere else.

Unfortunately, not every developer uses the full potential of the AWS platform. I’m mostly talking about serverless technology. Serverless is a relatively young technology compared to old-fashioned VPS or Docker containers. The main challenge of building a serverless app is quite different application architecture. However, serverless technology also gives a rich list of benefits:

  • Autoscaling
  • Pay as you go billing
  • Programming language agnostic

Current challenges

BPM automation is an expensive solution. Most of the BPM tools on the market can be mostly afforded only by corporations. From my point of view, the biggest problem is that companies overpay money for running their processes 24 hours per day when they need to be running only during work hours. It requires companies to spend a lot of money on servers or pay expensive subscriptions.

The usage of AWS serverless services to build business processes

The brain of every business process should be a state machine. To solve this challenge, we can use the AWS Step functions service. The AWS Step Functions is a serverless state machine as a serverless service. It allows building state machines that run a chain of AWS lambda functions. This approach solves a lot of modern BPM problems. In addition, it will enable running processes only when businesses need them to pay less for computer resources.

How Adminix solves the problem

AWS step function is an excellent tool, but it requires dev effort. To solve this problem Adminix team created the software that allows to build business processes in a low code way and deploy them to the client’s cloud without a need for coding or DevOps specialists.